Keeping your Liver and Gall bladder in Harmony by Soleiana Abernathy LAc

Keep your liver and gall bladder in harmony this spring with these simple guidelines:


  • Drink warm lemon water to help the liver cleanse gently on a daily basis

  • For a congested liver try roasted dandelion root tea

  • Do you have nagging seasonal allergies? incorporate a daily dose of stinging nettle leaf tea 

  • Eat sprouts, clover, alfalfa, or mung bean sprouts

  • Choose baby greens particularly dandelion greens, more salads in general

  • Include cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower

  • Cook at lower temperatures and for shorter durations. Incorporate more raw foods in your diet.

  • Consider replacing your coffee with early morning walks, and definitely avoid the artificial creamer

  • Avoid tendonitis caused by repetitive movement, make sure your exercise program is varied and includes stretching or mobility exercises

  • Stretch/ expand your body to bring more blood flow into tendons and joints to avoid tendonitis 

  • Do you get shoulder or neck tension? It may be time for acupuncture or cupping. 

* Move your body on a regular basis with exercise


Renew your habits this spring to create more health and vitality going forward.