Breathing and The Respiratory Diaphragm by Margie Farias CST

While live streaming a world cup cross country ski race this winter, the commentator noted that a female racer breathes in about 180 liters of air per minute while racing. WOW! Few of us are that aerobic, but as we get more aerobic with spring activities, here are a few thoughts on your energies, breathing and the respiratory diaphragm.

**Energy is the least dense form of matter and matter (your physical body) is the densest form of energy.

**Energy pathways in the body move along fascial planes….tissue with high electrical potentials.

**Your horizontal respiratory diaphragm impacts bodily functions above and below it because of fascial connections, and is often overlooked in bodywork treatment plans.

**Your breath (primarily moved by your diaphragm) is literally the interface between your lifeforce energies (chi/prana) and your physical body. Imagine that energy efficiently moving to every tissue in your body to support healthy functioning!

**Balancing the respiratory diaphragm in CranioSacral Therapy is foundational. As a CST practitioner, I always evaluate and treat this critical structure, so that the energy pathways of your entire body/mind can optimize self-correction.