It has been awhile since my last post and a few things have changed.  We arrived back in Lander early July, ahhhh.  We left our beachside oasis and dear friends in Oregon, awwww.  I finally bought a new computer where I can actually blog, post hours, events and wholesome living tips on my website and, fingers crossed, in the near future add online scheduling.  

As I said when I left 'I will be returning', when you say? October 2015!  You can call the office, (307) 332-1344,  anytime if you would like an appointment and I will call you back.  My hours are going to be limited for a while due to scheduling with other practitioners in my office as well as my own personal needs to care for myself and my family.  I have already felt such a warm welcome coming home and I am excited to return to the office with renewed energy and insight.

My hours starting October 6, 2015 will be Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8am-12:30pm, I will have availability on Monday afternoon/evenings reserved for teachers and special circumstances.  

I would also like to let you know that Lexi will no longer be working at the office.  Her life is taking her in an exciting direction and I am very happy for her, although she will be dearly missed.  At this time I will not be hiring a new office manager.  I ask for you patience as I juggle an extra hat to keep the office demands running smoothly.  I look forward to seeing you.