I love learning!  I have finally realized that this is authentically part of who I am and where I come from. My grandfather only finished the 8th grade but was so interested in electricity he learned the craft himself and spent his life as a master electrician.  Growing up my father valued knowledge like other fathers value sports. He never missed an opportunity to teach whether it was on Greek mythology or how to change the oil in my car. 

Having time this year to learn has been priceless. My sons and I come home from the library each week with no less than 20 books, far too many to read in a week and really without any intention of reading them all. My four year old picks out many chapter books my eight year old many comic books and me, cookbooks. I have spent many weekends in Portland taking continuing education classes. I have allowed the time to slow down and listen to others and hear what they know.  I stand in tide pools and learn the feeling of anemones and the smell of mussels. 

The most valuable awareness I have had around learning came last week while practicing yoga with a dear friend. The teacher said "all we really know is that we are here".  Of everything I have learned this year and taught my boys this is what I want to remember. I might know something and then it changes, I might know something and then I forget, I might think I know something and it is an illusion of the truth. I am not valuable or successful or loved because I know something or anything for that matter. My practice is learning because it is part of who I am, I love gathering information through the experience of life, through hearing and reading people's words and ideas. The less I attach to knowing, the more fully present I am, learning.