Being Here

Since being on the coast I have had time to sit alone or with my boys and create art. This is something I had not brought into my life for a very long time. I love having the stillness to bring something to life. I love not worrying about the mess or the result.  Creating, rarely to be seen by anyone other than my family. It quiets my mind and slows me down. 

I watch the boys create art through playing with Legos or building a spacecraft in the sand. One of their minds going very slowly and focusing on one piece for a while another jumping from one idea to the next barely able to get it all out.  Then after hours throwing it back in the lego bin or allowing the waves to engulf it. Creating without attachment.  

Chitshakti vilas is a term that recently found me during yoga. It is roughly translated as 'the play of consciousness'.  I love the freedom in the awareness of life as a play. This is where art and nature are invaluable. They become the background, the colors, the sounds the details. It allows for the presence of something without measurable function or purpose.  That reminds me to take a deep breath and trust this is no different for each one of us. We are not who we are because of what we do or what we have we are merely here dancing in this play of consciousness and that is enough.