Well it has been a few months since my intended start date in October.  I took a deep breath and knew this would be waiting when I was ready.  My time on the Oregon Coast the last four months has been absolutely priceless.  I can not begin to cram in everything we have experienced nor would you want me to.  So my first post will be about finding the ability to truly see.

As many of you know my husband works for the finest optics company in the world.  This means we are never short of binoculars or spotting scopes.  After years of looking in microscopes only to end up with a headache, I was resistant to any sort of optical assistance.  That is until I picked up a pair of Swarovski binoculars, "hallelujah" my eyes cried.  So there are two things Jason and I remind each other, every time we head to the beach, "do we have a bag to pick up trash and do we have binoculars?"

I thought those persons who could spot animals in the wild had some sort of gift that I was never given.  I do think there are certain characteristics that help like patience, however, I now believe anyone can SEE.

It was late December and whale watching was in full swing.  I was a little frustrated at the thought of living on the coast for 9 months and not seeing a whale.  Jason and I were sitting on a dune with the boys playing near by as Jason proclaimed, "I just saw a whale!"  Of course he did, I thought to myself, he has the gift.  I took the binoculars and he guided me through the process of where to look and what I was going to see.  I waited, and waited something I have grown more skilled at while here.  Finally, there it was that beautiful distinct sight of ocean spraying up from the surface, not once, not twice but five or more times and then the flick of the giant tale.  I was speechless.  I put the binoculars down filling my heart with this virgin sighting.  Then they came again and I could see them with out the aide of the binoculars, truly amazing.

Since my time on the coast I look out to the ocean and now I see.  I can spot seals and sea lions, birds, rip tides, boats and every once in a while a whale.  I know the difference in the size of waves, when there is a storm somewhere, when we will find whole sand dollars and how the dune changes daily if not hourly.  I see these things because I know they are there, signs of life, living, breathing and changing in each moment.  Never stuck or the same when I allow myself to see exactly what is unfolding in each moment.

**I want to give a special thank you to my dear friend Samantha.  Without her beautiful vision and skill this website and blog would not have been possible. Thank you.**